An Adoption Reunion


     Chapter 3: Wedding and Thanksgiving




Luke & Lindsey’s Wedding

October 10, 2008  [Posted: April 20, 2009]


Before we knew there would be an adoption reunion with Sheryl, we were excited about bringing another beautiful young lady into our family. Luke announced he was going to marry Lindsey, a person we had known since she competed as a young gymnast with our daughter Koleta.

For more pictures go to Luke and Lindsey Wedding.


Sheryl and JB made the trip to attend the wedding.

Sheryl met Aunt Donna, Martha’s sister, for the first time.

More friends and family at the wedding.

Scott(Donna’s son), Joel(Scott’s friend) ,Aunt Donna, Mary Kaye (Martha’s friend), Jim(Mary Kaye’s husband), Sheryl, J.B., and Julie(Scott’s wife)



It was a beautiful wedding and a good time was had by all.


Thanksgiving – Kansas City, Missouri

November, 2008  [Posted: April 21, 2009]

Martha’s dad had two sisters living in the Kansas City, Missouri area. Aunt Geri and Aunt Sharon (deceased) still have children living in the area.


We had an unbelievable good time in Kansas City meeting relatives.


Mark and Rebecca (Martha’s cousin) invited us to their beautiful home where we could all visit.


J.B., Warren and T.J. really enjoyed the big screen TV

Peyton convinced Mark he needed to crank up the popcorn machine.


Aunt Sharon’s girls


Robyn and Rebecca at Mark and Rebecca ’s house


Aunt Geri’s family


Aunt Geri     Doug, Katy (granddaughter) and Debbie

We also met Ronnie (no picture)


Debbie and Ed let us stay in their home and served us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. We were having so much fun we forgot to take pictures. 


Having Fun in Kansas City


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Chapter 3: Wedding and Thanksgiving


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