by 2nd Brigade LRRP's

Did you know Chue. I ran lot of misssions with the yards. I helped them learn english. Wish I knew what happened to them once we pulled out.

I noticed EBON CHUE was still with the LRRP platoon in 1969. I have always wondered what happened to Chue.

I pulled many missions with him in 1967. When I left Vietnam he came to my tent that last day and said to me "you number one Coon you come back Vietnam".

I said "No Chue I won't come back".

He said "Yes you come back when we get through killing all the north Vietnamese you come back and help us kill all the south Vietnamese".

Once on a radio relay mission on top of a mountain we had been there for a week or so Chue walked down the hill a ways to take a dump I heard a rifle shot and I looked over to see Chue running up the hill with his pants around his ankles firing his car15 over his shoulder I was laughing so hard I could hardly change magazines in my weapon later when we when't to check if we had got the guy who shot at Chue it became evident that the NVA who had shot at Chue did not intend to hurt him it just was a shot he couldn't pass up one round right between Chue's legs at about 75 meters.

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