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4th Infantry Division
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My full tour in Vietnam was with the 4th Infantry Division. The IVY Division whose name sounds like a gardening society has a very rich military history
4th Infantry Division
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I served with the 2nd Brigade LRRP's from April to October 1969. We were one of several LRRP units with in the 4th Division. Check out this site to learn more about the history and meet the rest of the 4th Division LRRP Units
2nd Brigade LRRPS
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Crazy is the word I hear most often when I describe my missions in LRRP's. Crazy or not, meet the heroic men of the 2nd Brigade LRRP's, and the most incredible unit we served.
Montagnard People

In mechanized infantry we often stopped at Montagnard Villages. These mountain people were not Vietnamese but a group of self-sufficient people that found themselves living on the Vietnam War stage. See what became of these friends when we left.
Combat After Action Report

I was totally unaware of the tragic events that were going on with the rest of our Battallion on March 27, 1969. Buried in this Action Report is an entry I recall vividly.
4:00 pm. 1600 hours.
2-8 received sniper fire at ZA027877. Commanding Officer and Platoon Leader were Dusted OFF. Both received leg wounds from small arms fire.
Dickie Finley

Dickie Finley was a LRRP in my unit six months before I joined the unit. I did not know Dickie Finley nor do I ever recall hearing his story while in Vietnam. This story of a failed extraction and a missing comrade will forever more be a part of my Vietnam Experience
Vietnam Aircraft

Many of my Vietnam stories end with air support and some pilot getting me out of a bad spot. I try to thank every pilot I meet. Check out what was flying in the Vietnam War.
Mang Yang Pass Map

My last month in Vietnam was spent at LZ Schueller, a firebase on the highway just east of Mang Yang Pass. Trips to Base Camp required traveling through this mountain pass.
Dak Po
After Action Report

My last month in Vietnam was spent at LZ Schueller. The last ambush I took out was at a large culvert just to the West of LZ Schueller. My ambush was uneventful, but that was not always the case, as reflected in this report at the same site 10 months earlier.
B52 Bombs 1972

I wondered why if the South Vietnamese were our friend, why we chose to fight the war where it damaged their land, towns, and fields. Read what happens when the B-52's moved the war to the enemies back yard.
Tales Of A War
Far Away
by Kirk S. Ramsey

Allow Kirk Ramsey to take you on a tour of duty. You will fill sandbags by day and go out on ambushes at night. You will also go out on Patrols and wade the rice paddies while you fight mosquitoes, leeches, snakes, boredom and VC. Some stories are funny and others are tragic, but all told in the most tasteful way possible. If you can avoid the booby traps until the freedom bird takes you home, you will feel you've earned your own Combat Infantry Badge.
NCO School Locator

During the Vietnam War a special NCO school was developed to produce Sargents. We were often called 'Instant' or 'Shake n Bake' Sargents. Check out this site to Locate other NCO school graduates. My class was 1-69.
No Quarter Vietnam Memorial Database

The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. list the names of all those that died in Vietnam. This Database provides additional information on our comrades that did not return.

I am often asked why so many Vietnam Veterans struggled when they returned home. Although many are struggling, I have actually found that many Vietnam era Veterans came home and have lived very productive lives. I'm sure each vet has their own story, but my personal faith in Christ Jesus not only helped me through Vietnam, but helps me in my daily life today. Follow this link to learn more about the source of my faith.

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