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Base Camp - Camp Enari - Pleiku
Camp Enari 2nd/8th Panther Headquarters at Camp Enari 2nd/8th headquarters Perimeter Guard Tower at Camp Enari
Central Highlands-West of Kontum
Dak Bla River A view of the Dak Bla River Dak Bla River Another view of the Dak Bla River
Dak Bla River Ya Krong Bo'Lah a lake formed by the Dak Bla River where it spills out of the mountain Dak Bla River Dak Bla River at Kontum
The Vietnameese
Vietnamese shack I was saddened by how some Vietnameese Lived Vietnamese Home Other Vietnamesse lived better
The Montagnard People
Mountagnard Man Mountagnard Man Mountagnard Womanan Mountagnard Woman at Work
Mountagnard Girls Mountagnard Girls Mountagnard Kids Mountagnard Boys learning RED ROVER RED ROVER
Mountagnard Kids Warren's Mountagnard Buddy Mountagnard Kids Warren and all his Buddies
Scenes from Highway 14, abt Apr -Jul 1969
Vietnam Rest Stop I must confess, I haven't seen such scenic rest stops since I left Vietnam APC APC guarding Highway 14
GI Break Time GI's taking a break Highway 14 View from Highway 14
GI Unknown GI APC APC guarding Highway 14
Highway 14 Morning Mine Sweep Mine Sweep Mine
Found One
Blown Mine Crater We blew them up when we found them. Sgt Fox Getting to blow anything up would put a smile on Sgt. Fox from 3rd Platoon
LRRP's-Long Range Reconaissance Patrol
LRRP Warren Warren Gallion
at MaryLou
LRRP Outlook Sp4 Yarosz Keeping an Outlook LRRP Reading Map Warren Gallion reading a map
LRRP's Moving LRRP Team
on the Move
LRRP's in the field Warren Gallion
in the field
Miscellaneous Pictures
Plane A little help from our friends. Scenic View Scenic View
Mary Lou VIP Pad VIP Helicopter Pad at MaryLou LRRP Volleyball A Volleyball break between LRRP Missions

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