Helicopter Ride Take a one minute Helicopter Ride from Polei Kleng / LZ Bass to Camp Mary Lou.
  • Take of from the runway between Polei Kleng & LZ Bass
  • Ride with Warren Gallion as he enjoys the view
  • Make a quick stop to drop off some supplies
  • Return to Camp Mary Lou

Polei Kleng Runway Watch the resupply plane land at Polei Kleng and meet some Montagnard ladies.

LRRP Insertion
  • Meet a LRRP team and then fly with them deep into enemy territory.
  • See why this part of Vietnam is called the Central Highlands.
  • Watch from above as the LRRP team is inserted.
  • Then get back to civilization as quickly as possible.
  • Fly over the deserted LZ Patt and a montagnard village.

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