An Adoption Reunion


     Chapter 2: The Story Continues




Worlds Apart

July 27, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]


Plans had been made, long before we knew there would be a reunion, for Martha to travel half way around the world to be with Koleta, her other daughter, as she prepared to give birth to not our second grandchild, but now our eighth grandchild.  Now that Martha and Sheryl had finally met, they would find themselves on the opposite sides of the world.


Koleta elected to leave North Africa and go to Dubai in the UAE to have her baby. Martha had arranged to stay with Koleta and 2 ½ year old Abby until Andy, Koleta’s husband, could arrive later in August. Martha was excited to see Koleta and Abby, but she was disappointed she would have to leave before the baby was born.



Koleta with Abby,  Koleta pregnant.


Sheryl and Koleta will not get a chance to meet until Christmas. Most people tell us Koleta and Sheryl look alike.  What do you think?


Dubai, UAE

August, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]


Martha had a great time visiting with Abby and Koleta.


They watched people ski when the outside temperature was over 115.




They got to see the tallest building in the world being built.



And they played on the walking bears in the mall.



Saturday August 8 - 10, 2008 [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]


Meanwhile, back in the United States, Sheryl and Warren decided that Martha shouldn’t have all the fun.  So they had their own party in Texas without Martha.  Sheryl, J.B., Skylar, Brady and Peyton made a weekend trip to Texas.



It didn’t take long for the party to get a little wild at Fossil Rim. We had a great time feeding the animals.

Zebra checking out Peyton


Skylar, Brady, Sheryl and Peyton

Warren, Brady and J.B.


At the Fossil Rim overlook.


They tried to go back in time…checked out a few dinosaur tracks.


They even let Skylar feed them, from a safe distance, of course.


Raider Fan

As we got to know Sheryl we noticed a few subtle clues indicating she was a huge Texas Tech Raider fan--like the license plates on her car, the ringtone on her phone, etc.

A wall in Sheryl’s home.


Welcome Nathan

Saturday August 18, 2008 [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

Andy arrived in Dubai, overlapping Martha for 2 nights.  Martha returned home tired and disappointed that the new grandson didn’t want to make an early appearance. As soon a Sheryl and Martha were within cell phone range, they picked right up from where they left off three weeks before.


Monday August 25, 2008[Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

On this day in Dubai, UAE Nathan Andrew Hatfield made his appearance giving Abby a baby brother, Martha a new grandson, and Sheryl a new nephew.

Nathan is a major cutie, but where could he have possibly gotten that hat?


Panhandle Trip

Saturday August 30, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

For Martha and Warren it was very important Sheryl’s family bless the new relationship they were building with Sheryl. Over the Labor Day weekend we agreed to go to the Panhandle and see where Sheryl grew up and, hopefully, meet her dad if he was physically up to it as well as other friends and cousins.  Not only did Sheryl grow up in the Panhandle, but Martha’s mother grew up there, providing Sheryl an opportunity to meet some new cousins, too.


We agreed to meet in Canyon, Texas.  Sheryl, J.B., Ashley, T.J. and Peyton made the trip.  Martha and Warren drove in and we met Mary Kaye Robertson (Martha’s lifelong friend and one of the few other people that knew about Sheryl before this summer). 


Just before noon, everyone met up in Canyon. All eight of us climbed into the Trail Blazer with our luggage for another test to see if we could get along.


We ate lunch in Canyon, and Mary Kaye’s family and grandkids joined us.

Sheryl, Martha and Mary Kaye


At lunch, Sheryl surprised Martha with a mother’s ring, birthstones for Sheryl, Koleta and Luke.



Saturday August 30, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

Would it damage our relationship with Sheryl if we brought her to the Panhandle on a night Texas Tech had a home game and then not go to the game?  This relationship is still too young to test that theory, so we started learning the Raiders fight song.

Tech won the game 49 to 24


                          Sheryl, Peyton, JB, Ashley, TJ                  Sheryl, Martha


Lubbock TX

Martha’s cousin Jackie and her husband Donnie were nice enough to meet us at the game and then let us spend the night at their house.

Donnie,   Erin’s daughter Jordan , Jackie, Lauren

Donnie even let the Nicholson’s play with his Texas Tech Toy.

Ashley, Peyton, Sheryl, JB, TJ

Sunday Morning August 31, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

Martha’s cousin James and his wife Peggy met us at the game and then again for breakfast Sunday morning. Martha’s cousin Johnny also joined us for breakfast along with his wife Cela.


                         James, Peggy                            Johnny, Cela

Dimmitt, TX

Sunday Afternoon August 31, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

After Breakfast we headed for Dimmitt.  Sheryl told us Dimmitt was way out, but we didn’t realize how far out it was.

We arrived in Dimmitt and drove by Sheryl’s Elementary, Middle and High School.  We checked out the high school hang outs and had a great time listening to Sheryl reminisce while T.J. and Ashley listened very carefully for possible character flaws they might possibly exploit in the future.



Richard Sheryl’s cousin and his wife Sissie welcomed us into their beautiful home. 

Richard, Sheryl, Peyton, Ashley, Sarah


We also got to meet Sheryl’s friends

Cindi and Sheryl


The Dairy

Sheryl and her brother grew up on a dairy farm between Dimmitt and Hereford.  We stopped to see the house Sheryl grew up in and walk around what still remains of the ‘Simpson Brothers Dairy’

Simpson Brothers Dairy Silo’s

You can still read the names

Mom, It’s this way to the top.

Sheryl, Peyton


Just down the road is the house Sheryl & Scott grew up in.


Sheryl’s Dad

Sunday Afternoon August 31, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

One of the goals for the trip was to meet Sheryl’s dad. Family members had told us their recent visits had gone very well with him. When we arrived at the nursing home he was setting outside in the Gazebo with some other family members.  Sheryl and family went out to visit with him while Warren and Martha waited inside to see if the visit might be to much for him.  He had already been told we were in town and he was ready to meet Martha.  Sheryl reminded him that he had always said her birth mother was probably a tow headed blond. He said “And so she is.” 

Peyton, Sheryl and Sheryl’s Dad [Bob Simpson]

Bob invited us into his room to go through his photo albums. We got a glimpse of Sheryl’s early life. We didn’t want Sheryl’s dad to miss supper so while we were looking for the dining room he said he thought we were going to take him out to eat. He said he liked to eat at K-Bob’s but he knew it was closed on Sunday. The nursing home said it would be OK for us to take him out so we had the pleasure to take him to another steakhouse in Hereford.

Warren, Sheryl, Bob


Sheryl’s Mom

Sunday Evening August 31, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

We also wanted to honor Sheryl’s mom who raised a beautiful daughter, but died before she had a chance to see what a wonderful teacher and mother Sheryl would become.  It was an emotional time for all of us, but we were pleased we could put a few flowers on Celia’s grave.


                                 Sheryl, Martha                                Ashley, Sheryl, Martha, TJ

We returned to Canyon, TX for the night.


Amarillo, TX

Monday September 1, 2008  [Posted: Sep 6, 2008]

Monday morning we drove to Amarillo and had breakfast with Martha’s Auntie Lois [Martha’s mom’s sister] and cousin Janis.


After breakfast we went to the park and visited for a while longer.  Mary Kaye’s daughter Becki then invited us to her house so the kids could ride one of the horses she trains.


Peyton and Emery (Mary Kay’s granddaughter)


Ashley showing Peyton how it is done.

Ashley, Peyton, Becky  Frito (horse)


Future Red Raider in training




Saturday - Sunday September 27-28, 2008  [Posted: Apr 19, 2009]

Martha and Warren made a quick trip to visit Sheryl and family.

Saturday we traveled to Independence, Kansas to watch the Independence Pirates play football.


Tiffany cheered while Peyton and Martha had fun.

We watched T.J. play baseball for the Angels

Enjoyed spending more time with Ashley and Tiffany.

T.J., J.B, Seth(Tiffany’s boyfriend), Tiffany, Peyton, Sheryl, Ashley, Martha and Warren.  We missed seeing Skylar and Brady.


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